Resin artist extraordinaire


Many of my clients prefer working with me to create that perfect painting that transforms their living or work space into a haven of creative emotion. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for in my gallery why don’t you arrange a complimentary bespoke consultation and we can discuss your personal needs. Perhaps you’ve seen a painting in my gallery that you love, but the size or colour isn’t quite what you are after. No problem…. All my paintings are original, unique one-of- a-kind creations and I never replicate any of them. However, I can create something similar, with the same mood and intention, but with an extra twist…and that is something that will be uniquely yours. I love discovering what will work in your home or place of business, and regularly arrange onsite visits to determine the exact feel and size of painting that is best suited for your space. If an onsite visit isn’t possible we can connect on skype; and achieve pretty much the same results. Contact me for a no nonsense chat about how we can work together.