Zephyr – Sold to a Dubai collector

Majestic, regal, commanding and altogether awe-inspiring. 

Spin paintings of this magnitude create focal points that inspire energy and passion.

Spin paintings are a delight. I absolutely love doing them. They are mesmerising, a meditation, and an easy way for me to slip into a state of creative euphoria.

Zephyr is the first spin painting I created in such a large format. The power of the spin needed to create such a monster is mind blowing. It can be a pretty dangerous experience too. You have to ensure the canvas is securely attached to make sure it can’t fly off and knock you out … 

I am incessantly intrigued by the delicate patterns when you look up close, and always amazed how they become a bold and audacious statement when looked at as a whole.


Gallery wrapped canvas on wood frame

120 x 120 x 4 cm
48  x 48  x 2 inches

£ 5,000 Sold