Discover the new product that artists
worldwide are raving about!

Are you tired of using the same old traditional outdated canvasses and heavy wood panels for your artwork?

You desperately want to take your creations to the next level, to be more confident and professional in growing your business but you’re held back by the materials?


You want to create your incredible work on incredible panels that people can’t help but buy from you?


Then read on, because this may be the most important thing you read this year!

Beautiful  artwork depends not only on the creativity of the artist, but also on the quality of the materials.
One of the biggest challenges as an artist is finding the right art panels or substrates that are fit for the purpose.

I’ve discovered the perfect solution, but before I reveal what it is, let me introduce myself


Hi, I’m Leigh Shenton


I’m a contemporary artist, with more than 30 years experience in a multitude of creative  endeavours.

Private and corporate collectors on almost every continent enjoy my unique paintings; found in penthouses and beach clubs in Dubai, log cabins in the USA, villas in Spain and Australia and everything in-between and beyond.

I honestly believe that everyone should experience the magic of owning original art, and that all artists should be able to create and sell their work with confidence and ease.

I understand what it takes to create beautiful art that people love.  I also know how wonderful it is to use quality materials that make your creative process so much easier, giving you loads more time to do the things you love.

You Deserve the Very Best

Your art is without a doubt one of the most important assets to everyday life.


The feeling and emotion that it translates has a profoundly positive impact on the viewer. It has the capacity to alter mood, inspire, relax and rejuvenate.

Your collectors know and appreciate this….and even if you don’t have collectors yet, you can rest assured that people are waiting for your work.

They are waiting in the wings for the perfect creation that only you can provide.

Life without ART is boring AF‘ – Leigh Shenton

There is nothing more exciting than being paid handsomely for your work….and that’s exactly how it should be. You know your craft, you understand your worth and you should be paid for it.

For the past 4 years I’ve spent countless hours looking for the perfect surface for my acrylic and resin paintings.


When I couldn’t find what I was looking for I resorted to making my own, using MDF, plywood and anything else that seemed appropriate.

The results were varied, but the most frustrating part was the time it took to prepare, leaving me less time to be creative.

The results were also heavy… I mean seriously heavy. Large scale projects could weigh anything from 5kg right up to a crazy 35kg for a beach club project in Dubai.

Working with heavy, cumbersome surfaces not only puts a strain on you physically; heavy also means expensive shipping costs, and difficulty for your clients when hanging their art.

Even after all the prep work and diligent attention to using the best wood and canvas I could source, the result was still lacking. Moving from traditional canvas and experimenting with flat even surfaces often gave me warped frames, which was hugely upsetting after hours creating the piece.

Lost materials, lost time and lost revenue.

I know many artists who can relate and experience the same frustrations every time they attempt their latest creations.

When you can’t find the right materials you need, you improvise, you make do, you settle for less than what you want and it means your collectors aren’t getting the best either.

How many of you are fed up with warping frames?

How many of you have watched as your resin slides into a pool in the middle of the canvas, or even right off the edge?

How many of you would be willing to confess to the number of spoiled canvasses lurking in your studio?


Well, those days are over.

Done with spending hours on prep-work and making my own heavy wood panels, I decided it was time to find a modern solution to this long standing problem!

My research and collaboration with creative experts in the art field has led me to design the most amazing art panels.

They’ve been tried and tested by me and many other artists, AND they’ve got a HUGE thumbs up! The feedback has been incredible!


Resin artists across the globe are raving about the new ResiPro Art Panels.


Without exception, these panels eliminate ALL the frustrations and inadequacies of traditional wood and canvas surfaces.

  • No more warping.
  • No more unsightly edges.
  • No more soggy bottoms.
  • No more lost resin.
  • No more pooled colours.
  • No more wasted time and no more wasted materials.

You too can experience the joy of beautiful, rigid light weight art panels that are ready to go and easy to use.


Let me introduce to you the art panels that are changing the way artists create their masterpieces.


Introducing ResiPro Art Panels

Created by Artists for Artists

ResiPro Art Panels are designed and created in the United Kingdom by artists for artists.

As artists we understand exactly what you need to create beautiful artwork that you can feel proud of and confident to sell.

ResiPro Art Panels are leading edge surfaces and provide the best platform on which to create your art. When you are confident in the foundations of your art, you are free to create the art you love without worrying whether the materials will deliver.

ResiPro Panels do just that. They provide the support that will allow you to create the art you love and will stand the test of time

ResiPro Art Panels are the perfect surface for ALL artists and art projects. They provide the perfect surface for all art media, including resin, acrylics, oils, water-colour, pastels, and all other mediums.

Whether you’re a novice just starting out on your creative endeavours, or a professional artist who already has an established business, ResiPro Art Panels are for you.

ResiPro Panels help you to create  your legacy for the future!

ResiPro Art Panels are available in 3 different styles, each with their own unique design and properties depending on your specific needs.

ResiPro -001

With Stainless Steel Stand-Offs

Created from 3mm aluminium composite, with white gloss/matt finish

Holes drilled in each corner.

Ready to hang.

Stainless steel standoffs, (30mm)

Modern trendy look.

Ready to use no need for any prepwork.

These can also be used as a tray or placemat for an elegant table display.


ResiPro -002

With Floating Aluminium Frame

The elegant style has a ‘hidden’ aluminium frame for the ultimate in a true
contemporary look.

Created from 3mm aluminium composite, with white gloss/matt finish

Your artwork will look like its floating on the wall.

Ready to use no need for any prepwork.
Modern and sophisticated.


ResiPro -003

Box Frame with Aluminium Hanging Fixtures

Rivals the best traditional gallery wrapped box canvas frames.

With a 5cm deep edge, perfect for artists who are fanatical about the sides of
their work.

Created from 3mm aluminium composite, with white gloss/matt finish

Ready to hang with quality aluminium fixtures.

Perfect for all gallery artists.

Ready to use no need for any prepwork.
Contemporary style for ultimate luxury.

11 Reasons why artists everywhere are joining the
ResiPro Revolution

All ResiPro Art Panel designs are created with the highest standards in mind, and they all have the following amazing properties

  1.   Light weight, making it ideal for large pieces that needs shipping abroad, saving on shipping costs
  2.  Unlike wood or canvas,  ResiPro does not react to temperature or moisture, so will never warp, distort or sag
  3.  Rigid, strong, completely level and flat. Perfect for all your art creations that require a solid level surface
  4.  Perfect for outdoors, bathrooms and kitchen as they don’t absorb moisture or react to temperature changes
  5.  Save time, ready to use straight from the box, no need for any prep work. You can start creating immediately
  6.  Modern contemporary cutting edge aluminium composite
  7.  Ready to hang, with stainless steel or aluminium fixtures, making it simple for your collectors to hang their art
  8.  Archival, will last way beyond the natural life of wood or canvas counterparts
  9.  Eco friendly with less carbon footprint than traditional wood or canvas
  10. Elegant and beautiful in their own right. Your collectors will love them!
  11. Professional in every respect, gives you the confidence to sell your artwork

Don’t take Our Word for It

Robbie Kaye – Resin Artist, Author, from Santa Ynez Valley California

Aram Friedrich – Managing Director of Eli-chem Resin UK

Cheryl Tomline – Resin Artist from United Kingdom

Those are just a few of the testimonials we’ve received since artists started sampling our panels.

And now, you can get your hands on your own ResiPro Art Panel

Not sure yet? Want to hear more from the artists who have already fallen in love with our panels?

Working With ResiPro art panels has expanded my creativity so much. I love the surface and how light, but sturdy each piece is.

It’s truly opened up a whole new world for me.

Whether you work with resin, oil or acrylic, I highly recommend making your next creation on one of these panels.

Robbie Kaye Resin Artist & Author

Santa Ynez Valley California

Fantastic panels for my resin creations! 

Lightweight for easy hanging.
Lower postage costs.
No prep work required on the surface. 
No bowing unlike wood and canvas. 

And I love the floating effect they give.

Thanks Leigh! 

Natasha Boast - Resin Artist

Surrey, United Kingdom

I’ve now tried these fabulous panels and can honestly say they are fabulous.

Gone is the need for a base layer of resin as the resin you use once heated glides on this smooth surface with ease.

Fantastic product and I highly recommend them if you want a professional look to your artwork.

Cheryl Tomline - Resin Artist

United Kingdom

Salley Knight – Artist from Holderness New Hampshire USA

Paula Mould – Artist, Author from London, Canada

Martin Stellar – Creative Coach, Artist from Salobrena, Spain

As this is the launch of this product, we have no idea how many panels we’ll sell once we open the doors.

The interest has been incredible, so you need to move fast.

The 60x40cm panels are just £27 each.

You can also get ahead of the crowd by purchasing

6 panels for £150 or

10 panels for £250 and you get 2 FREE , Get 12 for the price of 10

It is super easy to purchase your ResiPro art Panels.

1. Choose which ResiPro Art Panel you love the most.

2. Simply click on the buy now button below and you will be directed to a buying page, where you can select the size and quantity you want.

3. Add in your usual details and shipping address.

4. And make your payment securely.

We will take care of the rest and your ResiPro Art Panels will be with you before you know it.

5. You will receive an email confirmation with your order and payment details.

The Launch Date for ResiPro Panels 002 & 003 is coming soon!

We will let you know about this launch date via email as soon as we can,
And should be within the next few weeks.

ResiPro Panels are currently available in the UK, the USA, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Canada and Australia.

Email for info to ship outside these zones.


Right now you have 2 options

Option 1:

Order your ResiPro Art Panel today and wonder at the amazing results.

Your art will look incredible, professional and polished, whilst saving you time and money and catching the eye of existing and new collectors worldwide.

Option 2:

Stick to the outdated, unpredictable and costly materials you are currently using, whilst you watch time and money wash down the drain in an endless spiral of unnecessary frustration.

The choice is yours.


We want you to LOVE using ResiPro Art Panels.

If for any reason they don’t absolutely delight you, you are free to return them for a full money back guarantee, less shipping costs.
As long as you return them in the original unused condition within 45 days you will get every penny back,
No questions asked.
Returns are at the senders expense. We don’t refund any shipping costs, and will not be held responsible for damages, loss or theft on any returned items.

Your questions answered

Q. Can I create on them straightaway?
A. Yes, you can use Resipro straight from the box… there is no need for any prepwork.

Q. Will they warp or bend?
A. No…..Resipro is completely rigid, level and stable.

Q. Are they easy to ship?
A. Yes, Resipro Panels are rigid and light weight making shipping easier and cheaper.

Q. Can they be used in kitchens and bathrooms?
A. Yes, Resipro does not react to moisture or temperature, and can safely be used to create art for any rooms where moisture and temperature changes are significant. They will remain stable at all times. You can even use them for outdoor art.

Q. Can I use them for acrylic and oil paintings?
A. Yes, ResiPro Art Panels are suitable for all media, including oils, acrylics, resin, gauche, water colours, inks, markers, etc

Q. Do I still need to prepare the surface?
A. No, you can use ResiPro immediately. However, some artists do like to apply a gesso layer before they start creating, and you can easily do this with ResiPro.

Q. Where Can I get ResiPro Panels?
A.  Right here, simply click on the buy now button; ResiPro Panels are currently available in the UK, the USA, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Canada and Australia.

Thank you for reading….

I look forward to connecting with you and seeing what masterpieces you create on Resipro.